Watch A Robot’s Desperate Dash To Safety!

Watch a desperate robot attempt to make a brave escape in this psychological science fiction thriller. With only a flashlight as a guide, the robot creeps his way closer to an escape door. In his hurry to flee the abandoned ship to reach safety, the escape door light reveals the creature that has been lurking in the shadows. How will the robot make it out? 

Team Sparx created this entertaining and edgy short film for their major project as part of the second year of AIE’s Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. Breakout was developed over a 12-week period using industry-standard software such as Houdini, Maya, Mari and Nuke. 

Kyle O’Malley, an animator for Breakout, stated that one of the most important lessons from the group’s major project was “communication, not just in a general sense, but especially in feedback. Having a regular, in-depth review of each other’s work,” claiming that this allowed them to “bring the best results out from each other.” 

He continued that the most rewarding part of the experience was “working with my team, coming up with ideas, sharing our work and seeing it transform into an amazing short.” 

Congratulations to Team Sparx, which includes: 

James Hardy – Project Management, FX (Houdini), Lighting, Rendering, Pipeline, Generalist TD
Tianna Blaiklock – Environment Modeller, Texture Artist, Storyboards, Concept Art
Joseph Vyner – Character Modeller, Texture Artist, Compositing, Concept Art
Kyle O’Malley – Animation, Layout, Rigging, Compositing  

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