AIE is the world’s first non-profit specialist games and visual effects educator. We invest in our students, grow the industry and support graduate career opportunities.

We are industry

AIE was created by a game studio 24 years ago. Those industry links, the focus on industry-relevant skills and giving students strong practical skills to succeed is stronger than ever. That's why our graduates are working in the top studios around the world.

We are specialists

We're the experts in three key areas: 3D animation, games and visual effects. We established the first courses in these areas and continue to lead the world and have the awards to prove it. AIE are specialists in games and VFX education.

We are hands-on

Practical skills in animation, design and visual effects beat theory every time. AIE graduates are able to show employers they have amazing hands-on skills through the creation of industry-standard projects to succeed in industry.

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Graduate Success

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