Step into the Shadows of an Infected Kingdom

Shadowstep is a 2D pixel art metroidvania set in an ancient Japanese castle. You play as a samurai that has not yet been corrupted by the miasma and has infected the rest of his friends, former castle residents and colleagues. Your mission: to explore a vast kingdom, meet and interact with uninfected characters while gaining assistance from them, acquire new powers, unlock achievements, and fight a range of unique enemies.

Team Adhesive Digits developed Shadowstep, over 20 weeks, as their major project in the second year of Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development at AIE.

"Play testing the fights in the game was really enjoyable but the biggest challenge was that over the course of development we got too good at our own game which ended up making a lot of the boss fights way too hard for new players." said Joshua Lehman, one of the designers on the project.

Well done to all team members of Adhesive Digits: Joshua Lehman (Designer), Cayce Del Gaudio (Designer), Dylan White (Programmer), Matthew Pannell (Programmer), Joshua Tan (Programmer), Paul Moustrides (Programmer), Thomas Vandepeer (Art), Genevieve Saunders (Art)

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