Are you ready to defend the moon?

Kite Shield Interactive have just launched “Moon Corp. Tower Defence", a tower defence and company management game. As waves of aliens try to invade, your job is to protect the cities of the moon by building and upgrading turrets. Make sure you keep within budget and protect your vested interest as you battle the dreaded alien invasion.   

Kite Shield Interactive is an indie studio born from the Graduate Diploma of Management Learning program. Alumni Saxon Hutchinson and Blayne Cuzner first developed “Moon Corp. Tower Defence” as part of the course and have continued to develop the project with the support of AIE’s Incubator program. This support has enabled them to grow the company and work towards releasing the game this year. 

To follow along with “Moon Corp Tower Defence” and more projects from Kite Shield Interactive, make sure you check out their steam page where you can download the Demo now! 

Steam page and Demo: 


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