Interview & Portfolio Requirements

Interview Process

Interviews for full-time courses are relaxed and informal. This is your chance to have a chat with an AIE teacher and ask any specific questions you may have about the course.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your interest, enthusiasm and potential to complete the course to a high standard. We’re looking to assess your suitability for the course including any specific requirements you may have.

Common questions you might be asked in the interview relate to teamwork, educational history, what you want to gain from the course and your long-term career aspirations. During the interview you’ll also need to show examples of your work from your portfolio. Your interviewing teacher will assess which level of the course would best suit you and let you know if you need to submit further materials.

Portfolio Requirements for an Art Applicant

The main thing we look for in an art applicant’s portfolio is evidence of creative ability. Your portfolio demonstrates your ability to imagine and realise a creative piece of work. It tells us about the medium you’re most familiar with, whether it is a traditional medium such as pens, pencil or charcoal or a particular type of software, such as Photoshop.

Seeing your portfolio proves to us that you can take something down the creative process from concept to presentation. We are open to anything creative in a portfolio. In the past we’ve seen sketches, paintings, video clips, animation, multimedia, sculpture, photography, life drawing and graphic design. We’ve also seen some non-traditional portfolios such as cars with awesome airbrushed murals and photos of interior design work in various mansions. We recommend that students pick at least 3 - 5 examples of their work to show. You can bring in a physical portfolio or, digitally, on CD, DVD, USB flash drive or laptop.

Requirements for a Programming Applicant

Applicants for our game programming courses also need to bring along a portfolio of work. These are usually in the form of digital files on CD, DVD, USB flash drive or laptop. We are looking for an aptitude for programming shown through programming or scripting in any language. We would like to see actual code samples as well as the compiled working application. In previous years students have brought in Visual Basic projects, Flash/ActionScript files and custom databases right up to iPhone and Java apps, multi-media projects and game mods.

In terms of formal pre-requisites, good results in Software Development, Information Technology, Maths and Physics are useful indicators but not always essential. If you have an aptitude for programming and logic and a passion for games, we want to talk to you.

Requirements for a Game Design Applicant

A design portfolio should include any design work you have done. It doesn't matter if you've designed a game, a chair, a car, an electric toothpaste opener; it is all relevant! Even better if you can show us the process used to reach that design goal. The act of solo design is one thing but communicating your ideas to others is another. Showing us any written work you have done in the past be it instructional, informative or entertaining would be advantageous.