Sydney Holiday Courses

July 2019

  • Holiday courses run from 9.30am until 4.30pm.
  • All participants will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a USB stick to save their work.
  • We ask that students provide their own lunch, morning and afternoon tea where possible as there is NO canteen close by for students to purchase food and lunch is not provided.
  • For more information on any of these courses please contact our Student Liaison Officer on 02 8514 8800 or email us at To register for these courses, please fill out the application form below
  • AIE in Sydney is located at Level 2 of the Wentworth Park Grandstand on Wentworth Park Road (off Wattle Street) Ultimo NSW 2007.
  • For directions to the AIE Sydney Campus, please visit this page

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Course Dates

Age Mon 15th Jul Tue 16th Jul Wed 17th Jul Thu 18th Jul Fri 19th Jul
12 + Introduction to 3D Animation
15 + Designing Game Levels

Holiday Course Descriptions

Introduction to 3D Animation

Introduction to 3D Animation is designed as an introductory course for people interested in learning basic skills in 3D art. Students will be introduced to the uses and architecture of 3D software and will gain an understanding of skills and techniques necessary to create and render 3D objects through the creation of a 3D environment. Areas of study include: introduction to 3D modelling, basic modelling, texturing, lighting and character animation.

Ages 12+ years
Cost: $275

Designing Game Levels

Create a compelling and interctive game environment using 3D software and a game engine. Students will learn how to use both pre-built assessts and their own assets to create a game level in either the Unity Game Engine or the Unreal 4 Game Engine. Students will learn effective workflows, how to manage assets as well as how to conduct testing of their level.

Ages 15+ years
Cost: $275

For more information on any of these courses please contact our Student Liaison Officer on 02 8514 8800 or email us at


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