Adelaide Holiday Courses

September 2020

  • AIE is running all July Holiday courses online.
  • These online courses run over three days, from 10:30am until 3pm each day.
  • Participants will connect to the online live streamed class via Zoom.
  • Teachers will be have a webcam and be sharing their computer screen.
  • Students can share their screen with the teacher and class and can give the teacher permission to control their screen.
  • Students need to have a computer that can run the software (links to download are provided), an internet connection, and have a headset with microphone.
  • All participants will receive a digital certificate of completion (PDF file).

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Course Dates

Age Mon 28th Sep Tue 29th Sep Wed 30th Sep Thu 1st Sep Fri 2nd Sep
14+ Game Programming for beginners 

Holiday Course Descriptions

Stage 1 Course Content | Game DesignGame Programming for beginners

This course teaches students the fundamentals of programming for video games using the Unity3D game engine.

Join in the excitement of programming your very own game as we begin by building the inner workings of the game, then top it off with interesting game-play mechanics and visual effects to make your creation one-of-a-kind.

Come along for this exciting adventure into the world of games programming.

Ages 14+ years
Cost: $285

For more information on any of these courses please contact our Student Liaison Officer on 08 7325 6300 or email us at


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