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Canberra Holiday Courses

January 2020

  • Holiday courses run from 9.00am until 4.00pm
  • The campus is open from 8.45am
  • All participants will receive a certificate of completion
  • Students are encouraged to bring a USB stick to save their work
  • For more information on any of these courses please contact our Student Liaison Officer on 02 6162 5131 or email us at To register for these courses, please fill out the application form below
  • AIE in Canberra is located at Block E, Canberra Technology Park, 49 Phillip Avenue, Watson, ACT 2602
  • For directions to the AIE Canberra Campus, please visit this page
  • Supervision is available after the designated finish time but all students need to be collected by 5pm as the campus closes promptly at that time

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Course Dates

Age Mon 13th Jan Tue 14th Jan Wed 15th Jan Thu 16th Jan Fri 17th Jan
12 + 2D Character Design and Animation
14 + Introduction to 3D Animation
11 + The secrets of game logic
14 + Introduction to Game Design
Age Mon 20th Jan Tue 21st Jan Wed 22nd Jan Thu 23rd Jan Fri 24th Jan
12 + Gotta Make 'em All
12 + Designing Game Levels
12 + Game Development in Unreal 4

Holiday Course Descriptions

2D Character Design And Animation | AIE holiday Course2D Character Design and Animation

2D Character Design and Animation will teach students the basics of character design, development and animation. Students will create customised characters using illustration techniques and photo editing software which they will animate and import into a prebuilt computer game that they can take home to show their friends and family. Make sure you bring a USB.

Ages 12+ years
Cost: $387.50

Student Enrolment | Academy of Interactive EntertainmentIntroduction to 3D Animation

Introduction to 3D Animation is designed as an introductory course for people interested in learning basic skills in 3D art. Students will be introduced to the uses and architecture of 3D software and will gain an understanding of skills and techniques necessary to create and render 3D objects through the creation of a 3D environment. Areas of study include: introduction to 3D modelling, basic modelling, texturing, lighting and character animation.

Ages 14+ years
Cost: $387.50

Game Programming Foundations Course Main Image | AIEThe secrets of game logic

Get skilled up on how a game works by using a visual scripting language to set up game puzzles and traps. Devise the journey players will endure when they enter your one-of-a-kind creation. Come along for this exciting light introduction into the world of games programming!

Ages 11+ years
Cost: $387.50

Introduction to Game DesignBuilding A Game Design Portfolio

Learn the fundamentals of designing and making games using a range of software including Twine and the Unity Game Engine. Participants will undertake pen and paper prototyping, writing game design documents and explore digital storytelling. Students will develop a 3D game which will undergo design iteration and user testing. This course is intended for aspiring game designers and those interested in learning more about the various production processes that make up game development.

Ages 14+ years
Cost: $387.50

Gotta Make 'em All | AIE Holiday CourseGotta Make 'em All

Make your own pocket monster! This course teaches you how to digitally model, texture, sculpt and paint your own pocket monster. You will even learn how to create a ball to store and carry your monster in. Animate, light and render your creation and learn to bring your pocket monster to life! See what goes on behind the scenes of Animation.

Ages 12+ years
Cost: $387.50

Designing Game Levels

Create a compelling and interctive game environment using 3D software and a game engine. Students will learn how to use both pre-built assessts and their own assets to create a game level in either the Unity Game Engine or the Unreal 4 Game Engine. Students will learn effective workflows, how to manage assets as well as how to conduct testing of their level.

Ages 12+ years
Cost: $387.50

Game Development In Unreal | AIE Holiday CourseGame Development in Unreal 4

Discover the exciting world of Unreal Engine 4! With the use of Visual Scripting and Material Creation you will create your very own Prototype 3D Platformer complete with Moving Platforms, Pick-ups, and Multiple Levels using pre-made assets as well as those you will make yourself.

Ages 12+ years
Cost: $387.50


For more information on any of these courses please contact our Student Liaison Officer on 02 6162 5131 or email us at


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