Game Engine Scripting Foundations

Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies - ICT20120

Game Engine Scripting Foundations teaches students how to program using Unreal Engine's node-based programming script called blueprints and is designed to introduce students to the many career opportunities available for programmers in games, interactivity and creative industries.

Modules of study introduce students to the fundamentals of games design and development. This course of study allows students to gain an understanding of games programming using the Unreal Engine's blueprinting script, one of the world's most popular and widely-supported game engines. The course is intended to give participants an understanding of skills and techniques necessary to create a range of fun, playable games.

Game Engine Scripting Foundations features an Project where students work together to produce a unique game of their own design. Students undertake the game development cycle from design, pitching, completing set milestones, quality assurance and final presentation.

Game Engine Scripting Foundations serves as a valuable bridge to further study in games programming, such as games programming at Advanced Diploma level. Graduates of the Certificate II are also equipped with broad knowledge and skills which are increasingly in demand in multimedia, interactive-technology and many other IT-related areas.

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This is a direct entry course, no portfolio or interview is necessary.

Please note: VET in School students should see their school’s VET Coordinator for fees.