Slash through the dungeons as a gladiator on a mission!


The Bloodless is a 2D, fast-paced and aggressive hack and slash game where you play as a gladiator on a mission to break the curse placed upon you by the evil necromancer. On the constant brink of death with your life dwindling by the second. You must fight your way through an isometric roguelike dungeon to replenish your blood and collect power-ups with the goal of defeating the necromancer and freeing yourself from the curse. 

As their major project for the second year of their Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development at AIE, Team Spirit Cats created The Bloodless using the Unity Engine and was developed over 20 weeks by a team of 9.  

“My student project at AIE was an absolute dream. It was a joy working with my team as the lead artist! “Stated Alice Newhouse, the lead artist of the project. 

Congratulations to Team Spirit Cats: Alice Newhouse (Artist), Adam Tabone (Artist), Joseph Bamford-Caleo (Artist), Isabella Crowder (Artist), Kaye Simonson (Artist), Levi Cowling (Artist), Benjamin Chaves (Programmer and Designer), Izabella Cherry-Phillip (Designer) and Prince Fernandes (Designer). 

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