Want to make something cool? Learn game programming!

Justin Cragg, a teacher and game programmer, works at Kite Shield Interactive and is working alongside his team mates to develop a new game that combines business and fun. Having graduated from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment with an Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development in 2019; Justin found himself inevitably coming back to AIE to teach Game Programing in 2020.  

Justin entered the world of programming from a young age when his dad taught him how to do python programming – ever since that moment he couldn't stop. Learning how to create genetic algorithms and generating maps through different method - a strong love for programming evolved.  

 ‘I wanted to make something cool, so I just sat down and made it’ 

 His work with KiteShield Interactive started straight after finishing his studies at AIE – becoming their first official programmer for the company. A few of his cohort from AIE started up the company and invited Justin along to join in the creative adventure. His work involves a lot to do with MoonCorp, where he is often cleaning up the mechanics and talking to his peers about how to make their ideas function. Justin is most proud of KiteShield being given one of thirty grants from Screen Australia to go towards their gaming studio and its developments.  

 When asked what the best attribute is about being a programmer - Justin's answer summed it all up perfectly:  

'Taking an idea, implementing the mechanics and then having it go all horribly wrong... and then the satisfaction of having it all work at the end’