How Do Robots Kill Time? Find Out In This Animated Student Film

Two bored robots are inspired to have a Mexican show down to kill some time.

Killing Time is a short animated film created by the 2021 students in AIE’s Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media specialising in 3D Animation & Visual Effects. 

This team of four students were able to focus on using their creative skills to produce their major group production during lockdown. The pandemic challenge gave them the opportunity to push their resilience to work in a remote production environment.

Sarah Anderson took on role of Production Lead for the team and designed the robots in the film.

“Designing the robot and going through the 3D animation pipeline was an eye-opening experience, the knowledge we learnt is going to be resourceful for future projects. We gained the understanding of how the robots were going to bend and be a functioning animated character.”

“Being a flexible team, producing this short film during lockdown gave us communication, technology and software limitations. The team had Cockatoo Island as an inspiration to visit and capture their environmental footage, but due to lockdown they had to improvise and find similar HDRI footage online instead.” said Sarah.

Audience watching the Killing Time final film would agree and understand the challenges the project team had in 2021, but the limitations did not stop the production team to create an incredible short film.

Congratulations to the team: 

Sarah Anderson - Production Lead, Animator, Texturer, Modeller, Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist 

Jasper Garske - FX, Environment Artist, Sound, Lighter 

Reilly Smith - Texturer, Modeller, Compositor, Animator, Lighter 

Joshua Braxendale – Modeller, Texturer, Rigger, Animator 

Conor McKelvie - Conceptual Development, 2D Elements


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