Dominion – An Action-Packed Short Movie By AIE VFX Students

Two brothers; a pilot and a tank commander in World War II, fight alongside their British allies against the German army, will they survive? Or face an unfortunate fate.... 

Dominion is one of the major productions from the 2021 graduating students of AIE’s Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media specialising in 3D Animation and Visual Effects for Film.

Students took on various specialist roles within the team to further develop their chosen skill sets by creating an action-packed visually spectacular short film that combines filmed actors with animated 3D environments, assets, characters and effects.

Taking the role of Production Coordinator, Vera Portilla said that creating Dominion was a fantastic experience.

"Creating a professional studio environment in our class production, especially being in Melbourne pandemic lockdown, wasn't easy and we created the majority of our film working together online. Overall it was a great learning experience" said Vera.

The limitations of the pandemic lockdown gave students the opportunity to challenge themselves in working together in new ways and pushed the limits of both their workstations at home as well as utilising the renderfarm at AIE.

William Riordan, who was responsible for motion capture and modelling, said the project presented interesting possibilities.

"Having the opportunity to learn and adapt to different studio role needs and having the experience of feeling the pressure of a studio work environment was extremely rewarding" William enthused.

Despite the challenges students had this year in collaborating to producing this major project, their passion and enthusiasm along with the skills and knowledge they've developed over the past two years shines through in their finished work.

Congratulations to the team!

Vera Portilla – Production Coordinator, Animation Lead 

Emily Gow – Associate Animation Lead 

Lloyd Hancock – Animation, Lighting 

Jamie Skolar - Animation 

Rick King - Animation 

Jorden Theos – Animation, FX Artist 

Aiden De Fina - Animation 

Angie Ngo – Modelling Lead 

Willow Prydderch - Modelling 

Raphael Bartolo – Modelling, Lighting 

Hoam Dang Ming – Modelling, Lighting 

Leon Hoogendijk – Modelling, Rigging 

Marcus Gatt – Modelling 

Ryan Gribben – Modelling 

William Riordan – Motion Capture, Modelling 

Bradley Pace – Compositing Lead, FX Artist 

Kat Organ – Compositing 

Stephen De Mata – FX Artist, Lighting 

Jason Zhang – FX Artist, Lighting 

Luke McFarland – FX Artist, Lighting 


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