Game Plus Fest Online – National Science Week 2020

Presenter Profile

Mark Schraam Square Profile Image | AIE Workshops

Mark Schraam

VR Developer


Mark's Bio

Mark is a leading developer in the VR & AR industry with over 7 years development experience. He is a VR developer at SUPERHOT Team, the Polish games studio behind the hit title SUPERHOT VR and he works on his own games in his spare time.

Gabrielle Wilson Square Profile Image | AIE Workshops

Gabriella Wilson

Chaos Theory
Software Developer

Gabriella's Bio

Gabriella is an up-and-coming developer at Chaos Theory and is the most polite person you will ever meet. Her love for animals and a strong community spirit have enhanced Chaos Theory's games and charitable efforts alike! 

Christopher Capon Square Profile Image | AIE Workshops

Dr. Christopher Capon

Space Services Australia


Christopher's Bio

From creating games in visual basic in school, to simulating rockets for a Google Lunar X Prize team, to creating digital twins of satellites, Chris has embarked on a journey to help establish Australia as the go-to region for safe space innovation by connecting games and science.

Graduating from UQ with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Chris obtained his PhD from UNSW Canberra, where he’s been working as part of Australia’s largest space research team building and launching Australian nanosatellites. As the CEO of Space Services Australia, Chris is working with his team to build a next-generation platform using the Unreal Engine to simplify the design, testing and operation of real satellite systems.

Jesse Robison Square Profile Image | AIE Workshops

Jessy Robison

Chaos Theory
Software Developer

Jessy's Bio

Jessy is a software development generalist who’s responsible for building the majority of your project. She takes designs, art assets and JIRA tickets, and turns them into fantastically functional products. Jessy currently works at Chaos Theory.

Livestream Description

Chatting online with game developers and researchers about connecting games and science. We'll discuss digital satellites, gravity and virtual reality, and even programming to combat climate change.

Livestream Details

Date Tuesday, August 18th, 2020
Start Time 4:30 pm AEDT
End Time 6:30 pm AEDT




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