Water Ruins Diorama with Emma Cruzado

Emma Cruzado is a 2D & 3D based artist from Sydney, Australia. Currently undergoing her final year in the Advanced Diploma of Game Art at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. The above piece ‘Water Ruins Diorama’ was produced during her Game Art Environment Module.

This diorama was Emma's first introduction to Unreal Engine 4 – and by looking at the techniques and intricacies of this artwork you would not believe it was the first time!

Emma saw this as an opportunity to broaden her knowledge and skills regarding creating assets with tile-able materials, shaders and blueprints. She was able to experiment with developing stylized foliage which allowed for creativity and expressionism to shine through in the artwork. The entire project took 5 – 6 weeks to complete as it started from conceptualization till in engine.

The fine details of the tad poles and turtles leisurely swimming around create an intriguing atmosphere that leaves the viewer searching for more hidden tricks and creatures among the piece.

Cruzado documents her sculpt creations on ArtStation, where you can see and appreciate the thought and time that went into each aspect of its entirety. From the trees to the moss balls – the tiniest details are not missed nor ignored by ensuring all the delicatesse are paid high attention to.

This is not the first time Emma Cruzado has been featured on AIE's social media and with work like this it will not be the last time either. Her advice to budding game artist is to not just utilize the tools of AIE but also learn ART! An exciting future awaits such talented minds and at AIE they can be nurtured, encouraged and inspired to create and produce – as Emma demonstrates, this is just the beginning.

‘Learn the rules Like a pro, so you can break them like an artist’ ~ Picasso

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