Virtual Reality at AIE – The Virtual Becomes Reality

How Virtual Reality is changing the world as we know it

With the rise of Virtual Reality technologies, AIE student have been given access to HTC Vive development kits at each campus around Australia. The exciting news is the type of work coming from our second year students, The Guilty Villagers. They are currently developing a game, VR Medieval Mysteries, for the vision impaired utilising over 170 sound effects that allow the player to follow the sounds.


This game is breaking down barriers and opening up a whole new world of game development. We are incredibly excited to see this game in its final stages through it has not been without it’s challenges. Students have overcome obstacles with positioning and correct use of lighting not just in a game, but in reality as well.

AIE | VR on Campus
AIE | VR on Campus

VR technology is inspiring movements in an array of industries such as Medical Visualisation and helping surgeons prepare difficult medical procedures, Military and defence simulations, semi immersive and full immersive environments in Scientific visualisation and even assisting in elements of design and visualisation in Engineering, just to name a few.


This is a fantastic experience for our students and we look forward to seeing how VR becomes a game changer not only in the Australian Games Industry, but new and innovative implementations across all industries.