AIE Mobile is a go! But we need a better name…

AIE launched their incredibly exciting and completely kitted out Airstream trailer at the EB Games Expo recently.

The Airstream has been completely gutted and fitted with state of the art technology including huge TVs, consoles as well at 10 Microsoft Surface Pro 4s which are running industry standard software.

Due to the nature of the software programs we run for game and film development it has not always been possible to showcase our amazing industry with ease while out at schools, expos or visiting the general public. The Airstream completely changes this and enables groups of students or people to enter the Airstream for workshops. The Airstream will be travelling around the country on a non-stop roadshow giving participants a chance to jump inside and be completely immersed in game and film development.

Inside the AIE mobile classroom

Now, calling it an Airstream trailer isn’t overly exciting. A poll is currently running on Facebook to name the trailer - Don’t miss out on your chance to help us name our epic mobile classroom (and we won’t be having any Boaty Mc Boatface scenarios...hopefully)

  1. The Empowerer
  2. AIE Creative Multimedia Experience (ACME)
  3. Quest Finder
  4. Caravan of Code


Time to get voting!

Would you like to see the Airstream at your school or event?

Get in touch with your closest campus for details on when the trailer will be in your area!

Also, a special thanks to the Surface Pro team at Microsoft. Without their very kind assistance we wouldn’t have had anything nearly as cool and powerful to run our workshops on 🙂

Inside the AIE mobile classroom