Tessa’s ever-evolving role as a game designer

Playing with dolls isn’t just fun and games! Tessa Touchette, game designer and product manager at Mighty Kingdom talked to us about her journey from AIE into Australia’s largest game development company Mighty Kingdom.

Before she studying at AIE, Tessa had no prior experience in game design. An avid gamer, Tessa had dabbled in character art, but it wasn’t until she played Fable that she realised narrative games were her passion. AIE’s game design course gave her the skills she needed to be able to tell stories in a digital space as well helping her understand how to communicate between different disciplines and people.

‘You are constantly communicating – especially as a game designer' says Tessa.

Tessa has worked on games such as Ava’s Manor, Gabby’s Dollhouse and Barbie’s Fashion Closet at Mighty Kingdom. The ever-evolving job of a game designer means that no day is the same. On a single day, she could be doing everything from system and mechanical design, to narrative work, to pitching – often working across multiple projects at once.

Tessa has been in the games industry for two years now, and describes how those two years have seen her learn, evolve, and grow. Like all game designers, she’s made a few mistakes – but sometimes the most amazing design is a re-design!

Check out Tessa’s livestream to hear her advice for any upcoming game designers wanting to get into the industry. If Tessa's story has inspired you, you can get started on your Game Design & Production journey at AIE!