From Spiderman to Godzilla – AIE Alumni brings incredible to the big screen

AIE held a livestream with AIE Alumni Peter Lee, who is currently working as a Tracking and Matchmoving Artist from Luma Pictures. Peter talked about his journey from AIE student to working on Marvel movies!

Before coming to AIE, Peter had already completed a Bachelor but he felt that the University structure didn't help him land a job. Peter had previously discovered that that local Melbourne company Luma was working on big Hollywood films, and so when he came across AIE he was immediately drawn in by the word of visual effects combined with AIE’s industry focus and network of connections

Peter wanted to experience working collaboratively, but also wanted room to concentrate on his own development as an artist. AIE provided him with the opportunity to work alongside a team of talented students from various disciplines, but also afforded him the freedom to specialise according to his long-term goals. 

Now in a role at Luma Pictures, Peter has worked on films such as Spiderman, The Tomorrow War, Dr Strange, Candyman, Chaos Walking and countless Marvel movies. He says the best thing about working in the industry is getting to be a part of massive blockbuster films, along with the work-life balance he currently has. “My number one goal before actually becoming a visual FX artist was to work on Marvel films, and now I am working on five or six”. 

Watch Peter’s livestream below to hear his advice for upcoming 3D animation and VFX for film students seeking industry employment, along with tips on making the perfect showreel.  

If you're interested in following in Peter's footsteps and working in visual effects, check out AIE's 3D animation and VFX for film program!