Major Game Projects: Behind the Scenes

Get ready to meet the next MVPs of the gaming industry

Our second-year students are taking all they have learnt at AIE and applying to their Major game project, which shows off their skills and allows their creativity to soar. We had a team from Sydney, Dead Bear Games, and a team from Canberra, The Grimalkinsjoin us live to talk about what it was like starting a project from scratch and where they plan on taking their games. 

Alex O’Dea (Game Art) and Elric Milton (Design) are part of Dead Bear Games and have been working on an amazing multiplayer third-person shooter game called Demon King. In this game, you battle against each other to be on top whilst in a hellish landscape. When discussing how they picked the idea, Alex and Elric said they selected Demon King from 61 ideas! They agreed it suited the team dynamic and had something to challenge each team member, whether it was lots of characters for artists to focus on, pushing the programmers comfort zones, or creating interesting level design. 

Hannah Levi (Game Art) and Hannah Lamb (Game Art), from The Grimalkins, are creating an adorable strategy-farming simulator, Bad Luck Black Cat, where a black cat has been forced to set up a farm in a small forest clearing but being plagued with bad luck. They discussed how the idea for their games came from Hannah Levi’s artworks and developed into a playable game. Both of them also delve into all the small details that go into making a game from concept drawings, to programming all the crops, to even design the menus to be user-friendly. 

Both groups have also been working in lockdown conditions for most of the time they have been working on the projects. When asked if they have any words of advice, communication was the key, as well as leaning on your team members for support and motivation!  

Although this is just the start of the process for these teams, the ideas and direction of the games are so creative and well-planned that their projects will only become better and better with time. We will be posting updates on these games on our socials so click here to follow along!

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