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Filmmaking and Virtual Production Career?!

A string of words that Australia has not successfully offered in an educational pathway, until NOW!. AIE has recently reinforced its offerings through combining with The Media and Production Film School (MAPS), to leverage 35 years of experience and production in over 1,500 films. By using AIEs quarter decade of education delivery experience, it’s able to provide a (real!) platform for students looking to acquire accredited education in films.

But first, what is Virtual Production?

Virtual Production uses technology and tools that allow students to combine live-action footage with computer graphics in real time. So, all the times you sat on the couch watching The Mandalorian wondering how they managed to create an intergalactic world when we haven’t mastered the spacecraft yet – well, this is how!

This game changing technology enables creators to make virtually any environment from the luxury of one location. Yep that’s right, you don’t need to travel to space for the best footage, and perfect timing if you ask us, given the whole COVID thing.

This very technology used to create masterful and artistically profound imagery is now on offer at AIE. Earlier this year AIE announced its Film and Virtual Production Course scheduled to run early 2022. This world first course offers filmmakers the opportunity to combine traditional film making and virtual production in a practical, hands on, intensive way that prepares you for the global film industry.

Students undertaking this course will be creating short dramas, comedies, short documentaries, music videos and experimental art using the cutting-edge capabilities of virtual production technology by leveraging AIEs partnership with LianTronics, a leading LED wall provider delivering an Australian first technology that’s (finally) accessible to future learners. Amongst its glory it also boasts pixel by pixel calibration, ultra-high refresh rates and grayscale and 160 degrees view providing the ultimate landing pad for picture-perfect resolution. In other words, it’s the real bees knees in the LED wall industry.

AIE has also strategically aligned themselves with an army of partnerships that share a common goal to accelerate the skills gap in the Australian film industry. ARRI amongst suite of AIE technology partners is providing learners with ARRI Amira large format cameras and prime lenses (worth more than a car!) that students wouldn’t typically have access to, placing them in a practical, new age, studio simulated environment preparing them for life after education.

If you’re interested in making films, learning what virtual production is or even just love films, come along to AIE Film Careers Day on Saturday 30 October 2021. It’s an opportunity to discover career pathways, learn about the future equipment used in Film and Virtual Production and speak with industry stakeholders.

See you soon future film makers!

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