Global Game Jam on this weekend

Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2015 is on this weekend and AIE students and staff are preparing themselves to develop amazing games for this world-wide event. Last year the GGJ was held in 488 locations, in over 72 countries and created more than 4000 games. This year’s event is expected to be even bigger!


If you haven’t been part of a Game Jam before, think of it as a 48 hour marathon where your team comes up with a unique concept based on this year’s secret theme and brings it to life. It is the growth of an idea which brings people together to be creative, share experiences and communicate in a multitude of ways using video games.


AIE and been closely involved with the Global Game Jam for many years. AIE campuses in Canberra, Seattle and Lafayette are hosts for the event and we’re sponsoring, helping coordinate and judge in Adelaide. AIE Sydney and Melbourne both hosted this event last year and staff are looking forwards to participating in the Game Jam as jammers this year. We’re really proud of AIE Sydney Game Programming Teacher Rebecca Fernandez who has been working behind the scenes on the Executive Committee for GGJ15 to organise this event.


Everybody is welcome to get involved, have fun, make new friends and increase your development skills as well as opportunities within the community. For more information, visit

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