Melbourne students on placement at Wicked Witch

Over the summer holidays, AIE Melbourne organised for numerous students to embark on a two-week placement at Wicked Witch. We caught up with a few of those students to find out more about their experience, how it came about and what advice they would give to students and colleagues trying to break into the industry.

Game Design Teacher, Murray Lorden sought out the opportunity for his students through his industry contacts. Seven students were lucky enough undertake this opportunity and focused their time in the QA Department.

AIE | Wicked Witch Software | Placement

This opportunity provided the students with fantastic industry experience, as they worked in one of Australia’s top studios. Rowan Donaldson, who took part in the experience explained “it was an environment that was focused and productive, yet relaxed and comfortable. We had the opportunity to work with designers, programmers and artists and the advice they offered was invaluable”.

The most treasured skills they learnt was the QA process, good communication skills in an office environment and a strong work ethic. Their highlight was working on a near completed game, finding out the process behind it and where they planned to take it in the future.

Our students key advice; apply everywhere with a passionate letter explaining that you want to work at their company. Also, make sure you research the company to know what excites you and let them know! Even if they are not advertising, showing initiative might get you through the doors, and remember, be adaptable - it is okay to start from the bottom.

AIE | Wicked Witch Software | Placement