AIE Incubator students new game: Stormworm

Stormworm - Inspired by the retro game snake, AIE Incubator students decided to revisit a classic game and re-envision it in 3D!

Slither around the planets as if you are stuck in a Tron like universe, eat until your hearts content and avoid your tail – easy right? Wrong!

The Stormworm team who are working out of the AIE Incubator in Canberra have been receiving some extremely positive feedback from their recent trips to PAX Prime in Seattle and the EB Games Expo in Sydney.

Attendees from both expos were instantly hooked and kept coming back for more, some of them sticking around for hours at a time trying to beat the highest score.

AIE Incubator | Stormworm

Experience snake in a way you have not seen before!