Feast for One – Short Film by AIE Students

Rotund and hungry, a gluttonous noble calls for his personal chef to prepare him an elaborate meal. Unsatisfied, he demands more food until the chef is fed up with his greedy, selfish ways and bottomless stomach. Resolute, the chef serves up his final meal.

Feast for One is a fantastic depiction of a man’s greed and gluttony serving him a meal to remember! The noble’s personal chef delivers tantalizing meal after meal until he hits a breaking point and decides to take matters into his own hands.  

The project was inspired by “Platform” a Spanish film that features a buffet of food served daily to prisoners that is passed down levels and seemingly ruined by the ones above. Alessandro Zaltron, Director, Groom Artist and FX/Houdini Artist designed the plot to evoke thought on “those who take every day nice things for granted.” Would one suspect Alex of stirring the pot? 

When speaking with Alex, he detailed a few tough challenges his team faced over the 18-week production. The team worked hard and pulled off the final project beautifully, but during the rendering stages adjusting and editing the regal costume of the noble saw some head-scratching moments. Efficiency was another hurdle to overcome for the Feast of One team, with so many assets and fantastic artists at their disposal, ensuring the project was on target and time kept the team on their A game.  

An incredible team effort and AIE could not be prouder of all the students and their skills and talents displayed with this fantastic project. Congratulations to the following artists on a marvellous production: 

  • Alessandro Zaltron – Director, Groom Artist, FX/Houdini Artist 
  • Nevenko Sarunic – 3D Animator, Visual Artist 
  • Edward Kimpton – FX/Houdini Artist, Rigger, Compositor, Render Wrangler 
  • Jake Howkins – 3D Animator 
  • James Dean – 3D Modeler, Texture/Look Dev Artist, Compositor 
  • Henry Pamfilo – 3D Modeler, Texture Artist 
  • Stephanie Lowry – CFX Artist, FX Artist 
  • Khalis Nurfazli - 3D Hard Surface Modeler, Texture Artist 
  • Bradley Thring – Asset Modeler, Texture Artist 
  • Sam Bateman – 3D Animator 
  • Jarred Williams-Stromer – 3D Modeler 
  • Dalton Page – Asset Modeler 
  • Darian Forgione – Asset Modeler 

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