Adventure through the stunning lands of Nora’s Territory as Alana

Road to Eden is a 3rd person Action-Adventure game. You play as Alana on her journey to rest her brother Torah's soul at the Well of Springs. Gameplay Features: Platforming, Puzzles, Combat, and cinematics.

Adventure through the stunning lands of Nora’s Territory as Alana, a young, prideful, and intelligent guardian of light. Raised by a High Priestess, Alana has always been renowned for her explorative nature, and due to the tragic loss of her parents, helped raise her younger brother Torah. The game will take you on an emotional journey as tragedy strikes once again, and now Alana finds herself on a quest to reach the Well of Springs.

For those who enjoy a rich and powerful story, coupled with a breathtakingly beautiful world to explore, Road to Eden can capture one’s imagination and attention very quickly. Along the journey, you will encounter large threatening enemies that will create challenging engagements in methodical combat. Despite the presence of combat gameplay. The game will emphasize the Journey, the sense of discovery and overcoming platform puzzles rather than being an all-out 3rd person shooter.

AIE is extremely proud of all our student programmers, artists and designers who worked over 18 weeks to put this together as their major project for the second year of their Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development at AIE. The team of superstars includes:

  • Bailey Purcell - Designer – Narrative, Level and Audio
  • Johnson Zhang – Designer – Gameplay, Level, Character and Lighting
  • Phillip Moxey – Designer – Narrative, Technical, Effects and Level
  • Annie Cavanagh – Artist – Flora and UI
  • Cameron Hord – Artist – Environment and Fauna
  • Max Guilhaus – Artist – Character and Background
  • William Grimes – Programmer – Gameplay, Effects, AIE and General Programming

If you appreciate captivating and moving storylines, stunning artistry, or looking for a game to lose yourself in, you can download Road to Eden here.

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Road to Eden team Keystone Studio
Road to Eden team Keystone Studio
Road to Eden team Keystone Studio
Road to Eden team Keystone Studio

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