Explore an Aztec Temple as a Rock Monster with Golem!

Golem is a brand new game where players find themselves as a giant Rock Golem inside of an Aztec ruin. Explore a challenging and increasingly difficult obstacle and puzzle environment, in order to find a way out of an Aztec temple!

The game introduces a range of innovative features, including the ability for the playable Golem character to both detach and reattach their orb head from their body. This means that you can play the game in two separate states: as an orb head, which is fast and zippy and enables easier exploration, as well as a strong, but slower Golem, who can interact with heavier obstacles. This feature allows the player to explore the temple in greater detail and to discover secrets and clues to help overcome each puzzle. Utilising incredible visuals and graphics, together with a fantastic score and audio to accompany the player on their journey, the team has created a truly enjoyable gaming experience.

The team behind Golem, Team Endgame, created and developed the game as their Major Production — a unit that forms a large part of the Advanced Diploma program at AIE. Despite the challenges of 2020, including working on the game entirely from home, the team of 10 students developed the game over a 5 month period in Unity, with plans to further develop and expand the game into a full, shippable title next year.

Tina Chiang, the Art Lead on the project, discussed the difficulties of working through Covid. “A lot of us had never met each other in person before we started working on the game. We were only able to meet in person for the first time after the project was complete and restrictions had eased. However, the lockdown was a good thing for our development in some ways, as we were able to give the project a lot of our own free time to make it the best that we could make it!”

The full team who worked on Golem were:

  • Connor Young, Lead Programmer
  • Reyhan Rishard, Programmer
  • Tina Chiang, Lead Artist
  • Trysten Van Den Broek, Environment Artist
  • Jessica Sproule, Animator & Character Artist
  • Zac Iorfida-Costanzo, Character Artist
  • Alicia Brown, Environment Artist
  • Karl Duffy, Level Designer
  • Marcus Steele, Level Designer
  • Johnny Kwong, Level Designer

You can play a free demo of the game here. You can also follow @thegolemgame on Twitter to keep up with Golem’s further development in 2021.

Golem is just one of the many amazing games being created by the final year games students at AIE. Learn how you can create your own games by studying a Game Art, Game Design and Game Programming course with AIE!

Golem by Endgame AIE major Project 2020
Golem by Endgame AIE major Project 2020
Golem by Endgame AIE major Project 2020
Golem by Endgame AIE major Project 2020

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