Brokenhorn: A Beautifully made short film by AIE Students

Brokenhorn is a fantastic short animated film about an ancient creature that must protect his home, the dying forest, from a mysterious threat. Brokenhorn stands as the last of an ancient line of protectors of the forest, fighting against the dreaded forces that threaten his world. Having found the Forest Light, a mystical power that will help defeat his enemy, Brokenhorn races to the Sacred Mountain to save the dying forest.

Brokenhorn was a detailed and difficult project that took many months to complete, complicated further by the need to work from home during the COVID pandemic. A team of twelve AIE students completing their Advanced Diploma of 3D Animation and Film VFX dedicated the second half of 2020 to complete the project, which saw numerous artists with skills in a diverse range of areas to bring Brokenhorn characters and his world to life.

The incredible team behind the project included animators, compositors, FX artists and modellers. The full team behind the project includes:

  • Ryan Cosgrave, Animation
  • Tom Downe, Compositor
  • Corey Patterson, FX Artist
  • Rebecca Forest-Gabbe, Animator
  • Declan Crowley, Animator
  • Felicity Weston, Animator
  • Audrey Barachina, Compositor
  • Tash Beshir, Modeller
  • Joshua Amadeus, Modeller
  • Jans Garay, Modeller
  • Alannah Higgins, Modeller
  • Jacob Bradbury, Animator

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Brokenhorn AIE Students Short Film
Brokenhorn AIE Students Short Film
Brokenhorn AIE Students Short Film
Brokenhorn AIE Students Short Film

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