Meet the AR/VR Expert: Connor Gibson

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Meet the AR/VR Expert: Connor Gibson | AIE Workshop

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Workshop Description

Connor Gibson an AIE Alumni from 2014 will be discussing his success working with AR and VR technologies and the exciting future it holds for any industry.

Presenter Profile

Meet the AR/VR Expert: Connor Gibson Profile Image | AIE Workshop

Graduating with an AIE Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) in 2014 and an Advanced Diploma specialising in Games programming 2013.

Connor has experienced firsthand the rise of AR/VR technology and how we are using it more in our day-to-day lives and not just for games with his current role at Tradiebot.

Tradiebot focuses on developing immersive software and hardware for training and information delivery in the automotive and trades sectors.

Workshop Details

Date Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
Start Time 5:30 pm AEDT
End Time 6:00 pm AEDT

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