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Welcome to 2024! In this livestream the AIE team will take a look back at a few of the fantastic student projects of 2023, provide an overview of where the Australian Games & Film industry is at, and talk about the exciting plans for the coming year!

There were a number of incredible projects created in 2023 by AIE students, Natalie, Chloe, Alyssa and Matt will take a look at a range covering Film VFX, Game Development and Filmmaking.

Highlights for games included "Blood Reaver" a first-person shooter developed by Hell Byte Studios, Metal Leviathan, a top-down mech based shooter developed by Metal Leviathan Studios, "Skysurge" a fantasy speedrun platformers, developed by Bio Blue Games.

Highlights for films and film VFX included Last Hope (VFX), a short animation about first contact with aliens, Accornection (VFX) a short animation about the interaction between a squirrel and robot , After Service (Short Film) a drama focused around the stress, pressures and life of a hospitality chef, and Perseverance (Short Film) a documentary with Jed Altschwager, an Australian Paralympic rower.

Don't miss out as Matt, Natalie, Alyssa and Chloe will also be discussing the state of the Australian games and film industries, breaking down the trajectory for the upcoming years, and discussing career opportunities in the creative industries!

Livestream Details

Date Tuesday, February 6th, 2024
Start Time 5:30 pm AEDT
End Time AEDT

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