The AIE Graduate Showcase Adelaide

Every year the AIE holds its annual graduate showcase event. After 14 weeks of Major Production, the students have an opportunity to share the results of all they have learnt for the past two years. They can be truly excited and proud of their results and they invite our local industry professionals for feedback. It’s a great opportunity for students and industry to meet and share ideas and get an understanding of the kind of environment and market they are entering as graduates.

This year the turnout was the biggest it has ever been with over 50 industry members making an appearance and giving us some valuable insight into their world. For the students who participated, many of them got involved in QA for each other’s games, including testing and bug reporting with many saying it was one of the most valuable opportunities of their course. The event ran for 4 hours during which there was plenty of game playing, fun and frivolity while feedback was given and some students even offered employment opportunities!

The AIE places an emphasis on the industry and its needs, with curriculum developments being paramount in the success of graduates getting jobs. This year’s take away was positive with a focus on which game engines are being used and where the industry trends are heading.

In Adelaide’s growing games industry, the Graduate Showcase event highlighted the fact that attendees were working in a larger capacity than they were in previous years which is indicative of the expanding industry but also a phenomenal outcome for every company involved and for the future of the AIE graduates.

Many students have voiced their desire to continue studying the Graduate Diploma of Management and Learning in an effort to start their own company, in which case we have many talented alumni ready to help and assist with their development.

AIE is pleased to see the games industry having a positive growth in the last few years and we look forward too many more to come and wish to thank all those who attended the event.