Nerdy Dream meets Reality: Working on Injustice 2

For a lot of us, the cinematic trailers for upcoming video games sets the whole tone and hype for the game. Game cinematics are a significant part of the game development process; so, who makes game cinematics and what is involved in the development process?

We met with Yoav Dolev, one of AIE’s 3D Animation and VFX Teachers, who has worked on films such as Captain America, and Mad Max: Fury Road and more recently on the Cinematic Trailer for Injustice 2 (Winner of The Game Award for Best Fighting Game).


Who did you work for when you were involved in creating game cinematics?

I worked for a Sydney based company called Plastic Wax who specialize in game cinematics & trailers. I was working as a compositor, which is the last step in the process. It was my role to bring all the elements together and deliver a final, polished product.

Superman vs Flash

How did you end up working on Injustice 2?

As a freelance compositor I have worked with Plastic Wax on previous projects, so when they were commissioned to create the Injustice 2 trailer they approached me. I was, of course, more than happy to join the team again.


What was it like working on such a big-name project?

It was very exciting and fun. If you work in the VFX industry, chances are you like superheroes. So, working on such a cool project with so many superheroes is like a dream come true. We were also given lots of creative freedom, so the team went the extra mile to make it look great.

Superman vs Flash

What skills did you find most valuable during this project?

Team work is number one. You must keep in constant contact with your colleagues, especially if it’s your responsibility to bring it all together. Accepting feedback would be number two. In such a project, you’re bound to get feedback from your supervisor. Listening, taking notes and accepting is a must if you wish to succeed.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to work on big name Games/Films?

Dedication is key. Put in the hours, do the work, push yourself. If you truly commit yourself, you will make it in this industry.