Meet the Junior Level Designer – Mitchell Sayer

Dreaming of learning how to design your own games?

Mitchell Sayer was too before completing AIE's Game Design & Productioncourse and joining Epiphany Games. Since finishing his Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development in 2020, Mitchell has since been credited on projects such as Tiny Troopers.

Inspired by his love of Crash Bandicoot, Mitchell moved away from studying photography, languages and teaching to follow his passion for games. Now, with a very impressive portfolio, it's no wonder that he has landed a role in the industry just days after finishing at AIE.

Working as a Junior Level Designer, Mitchell has a strong focus on player psychology and the user experience. But he claims that it was his dedication that helped him to get to where he is today, stating, “It's not only the work that you do but your work ethic”.

Equally as important, Mitchell emphasises, was networking, which he states "was absolutely crucial" and "without it developing Guudo or getting to Epiphany wouldn’t have happened”.

We were lucky enough to speak to Mitchell, who took time out of his busy schedule to talk all things games and how his journey at AIE began.

Check-out the livestream below!

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