Look Development Artist – Rising Sun Pictures | AIE Graduate

Graduating from AIE's 3D Animation and VFX course in 2016, Christina was quickly snapped up in the industry before she had even completed her course by Adelaide studio, Monkeystack. With her practical skills and showreel, Christina was able to demonstrate a range of talent and was hired to work on Modelling, surfacing, and texturing of photorealistic props and architectural elements.

"I was fortunate enough to get my first break half way through my second year, and so completed the final months of my study externally. From time to time, industry professionals will contact schools to find local artists for their projects. This is how I came to find my first job at Adelaide's Monkeystack."

After 6 months at Monkeystack, Christina landed a job at the award winning VFX studio, Rising Sun Pictures. Known for their impressive work on Marvel films, Game of Thrones, Gravity (and plenty more!) Christina quickly got to work on Thor Ragnorak.

AIE Graduate | Rising Sun Pictures | Christina

All students studying at AIE leave with a professional showreel used to demonstrate the talent and skills they have developed during their studies. Christina was no different and her 2016 showreel below is a good example of the type of showreel that can land you a job in the VFX industry.

Australian VFX Industry continues to grow

The Australian VFX industry and especially the local Adelaide industry continues to grow. Technicolor are opening a $26 Million-dollar VFX studio in Adelaide later this year as they continue to look for the best digital artist. "We are seeing existing companies grow, and new ones being established at a much faster rate than ever before in Adelaide. With the recent announcement of the VFX government rebates, I would love to see Adelaide grow into a central location for the industry much like Vancouver" said Christina.

It is expected that with new companies, including Technicolor, opening in Australia an additional 500 jobs will be created.