How does VETiS work with the AIE?

Many students want to be game developers and VFX artists, but many don’t fully understand how or when these pathways start. As many are aware, the AIE offers a certificate program that allows you to study a Certificate II or Certificate III in different subjects to receive the knowledge you want.

You can start this in year 10. You can also do this through a school! This is called VETiS, or Vocational Educational Training in Schools. In this instance, instead of the student coming to one of our campuses, you can learn the course during school hours on school grounds. If you don’t have this option at your school, you may be able to find a school in your area who does and go there for the training day. This is a well-recognized and common scenario.

You can’t just start at any time though; you need to take this into account during subject selection. It is a good idea to speak to your VET coordinator at school or subject counselor, this way you can make sure you are getting the required amount of credits for your study. Our VETiS courses start every year, usually during February, however some schools choose to commence in July, so you’ll need to decide on a semester basis and talk to the school offering the course.

AIE Australian Campus MapThe Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authority in each state or territory recognises Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the context of its own Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. Students can undertake VET as part of a Senior Secondary Certificate and its completion by the student provides credit towards both a recognised VET qualification and a senior secondary school certificate within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Please contact the staff at your local campus or enquire here to check and see if you have any VETiS options nearby. Although we love to see you on campus, sometimes due to location this isn’t always practical for all our students. In which case the Online campus will be able to help you. All this information relating to VET and starting in year 10 and up also apply to Online. So, you can start just the same as everyone else and are not left out or behind when it comes to applying into AIE’s career options.