EPIC Games to deliver workshops at AIE in Sydney and Canberra.

Getting Started With Unreal Engine | AIE Workshop

If you have been keen to learn more about how to make games in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), the same engine used to develop Fortnite, Final Fantasy VII remake and Vader Immortal, make sure you register for the upcoming workshops.

EPIC Games, makers of UE4 will be at the AIE campus providing beginner and advanced tips. Spots are limited so make sure you register today.


Introduction (Beginner) Workshop

Getting Started with Unreal Engine

This is a great workshop if you have never used Unreal Engine before but ant to know start understanding the basics. Learn the basics of setting up your first project through to spawning enemies, using the Unreal Engines Blueprint Visual scripting system and everything else you need to start using UE4.



Technical Art And VFX with Unreal Engine | AIE Workshop

Advanced Workshop

Technical Art & VFX with Unreal Engine 4

This tutorial assumes you are familiar with Unreal Engine 4 fundamentals and will demonstrate how to develop level tools and cover Procedural foliage, particle effects, material masking and much more.