Discover new techniques in 3D concept art

Our upcoming online workshop on 3D concept art is a great introduction to a new industry technique.

Hosted by Sydney art teacher Oliver Cook, the 3D Concept Art in Zbrush workshop sees Oliver concepting creatures and characters in Zbrush.

Participants will learn about a new cutting edge technique as they see how 3D is now used in an area previously dominated by 2D.

“It’s the perfect format to learn new techniques,” says Oliver.

“I will talk about Zbrush and how it works to give [participants] some grounding, so even if they have no experience and never seen it before, it will be fine.”

The online workshop will air live on January 21 at 11am AEDT and will be archived at

Oliver says this workshop will be best experienced as a “watch and learn” rather than a “watch and do” and is ideal for prospective AIE students.

“I will be also showing stuff in Photoshop, talking generally about concept art, gesture in 2D and silhouettes, then moving onto the 3D technique.

“I think it’s very valuable for prospective students,” he adds.

“They get an insight into the stuff we teach here at AIE as well as learning cool stuff!”