Discover a beautiful lost world made by AIE students. Absorb a fast paced action game.

One of the most striking things about the game Absorb, made by 2nd year AIE game students, without a doubt has to be the incredible visuals and world-building within the game. Relying heavily on a dark fantasy theme, Absorb offers players a unique glimpse into a world full of depth, imagination and wonder. The gameplay is replete with amazing characters, beautiful structures and scenery, and truly amazing in-game special effects that have to be seen to be appreciated.

The game has players battle numerous enemies, absorbing their power to grow stronger and take on more enemies in a world that is completely against you. Having broken out of seemingly internal imprisonment, players must confront their past and reclaim their power in this beautiful, but dangerous, world.

The lead designer of Absorb, Uriah Overton says the team faced major challenges during the production process, primarily due to the restrictions around covid. “The restraints put on us through COVID made it so difficult to complete the game to the quality we wanted, but in the end, we all worked well together. I think we learnt way more from the process, which I think is more valuable than creating something that is to a higher standard. It will be an unforgettable experience.”

The 10 person team behind Absorb built the entire game from home, relying on frequent communication and updates with each other entirely alone, showcasing their talent and hard work in far from perfect working conditions. The team members involved in the production of Absorb include:

  • Uriah Overton- Lead Designer VFX/SFX Design
  • Noah Mendelsohn-Thornton – Designer, Producer
  • Lachlan Wernert – Lead programmer, AI Programmer
  • William Hart - Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer
  • Nicole Harvey – Lead Artist, Concept Artist
  • Guillaume Coquel-Danchin – Character Artist
  • Harry Lister – 3D Generalist, Environment Artist
  • Kira Walters - 3D Generalist, Environment Artist
  • Sean Rogers - 3D Generalist, Animator
  • Tristan Milverton - Environment Artist, Texture Artist, Rigger

Download a copy of this fantastic game yourself by visiting the Absorb site!

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Team Absorb 2nd Year AIE students
Team Absorb 2nd Year AIE students
Team Absorb 2nd Year AIE students
Team Absorb 2nd Year AIE students

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