Challenging puzzle game in a frozen world by AIE Students

Fight against the freezing cold and a strange illness plaguing the world, in this incredibly challenging puzzle game in a frozen world.

Set in an abandoned civilisation on Antarctica, now reclaimed by the inhospitable ice and snow, players must navigate a series of puzzles and the frozen environment, using several tools to discover clues and special artifacts hidden in the ice. Players are given the chance to play as Dr Fabio, a talented scientist dedicated to finding the cure to a strange illness that has devastated this frozen land and the wider world.

The innovative concept behind the Frozen Depths game challenges players to think creatively, using weapons and tools to melting and create ice, in order to navigate through the environment and a series of unique challenges in order to beat the game. The game represents a culmination of 2 years of study for the seven-person team behind the project, who each brought a unique range of skills, knowledge and creative input.

Put together by the Permafrost team using Unity, the team worked countless hours over many early starts and long nights to create a fun and creative game that they should be very proud of. The team members and their roles include:

  • Patrick Fung - Producer, Designer
  • Archie Aung - Designer (pre-production)
  • Sebastian Possel - Lead Artist, Environment Artist, Prop Artist, Material Artist
  • Jason Varley - 3D Generalist, Prop Artist, Texture Artist
  • Michael Sweetman - Lead Programmer, Shader Programmer, UI Programmer, Ice Gun Programmer
  • Alex Mollard - Ice Programmer
  • Luke Lazzaro - Player Movement Programmer, Checkpoint Programmer, Door Programmer, Subtitle Programmer, Artifact Programmer

Creating a game like Frozen Depths takes a lot of passion and dedication. Find out what it takes by studying an AIE course in Game Art, Game Design , Game Programming or VFX today!

Challenging puzzle game by AIE students
challenging puzzle game by AIE students
challenging puzzle game by AIE students
challenging puzzle game by AIE students

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