Art and animation students kick off their careers before graduation

AIE would like to congratulate our new art and animation graduates who have already secured themselves jobs in the industry.

With graduation ceremonies being held around the country this week, an impressive five Screen and Media students and three Game Art and Animation students, all from the Sydney campus, have lined up employment at some of the industry’s leading studios.

"The quality of game art this year was excellent,” says Matt Barker, Game Art and Animation teacher at AIE’s Sydney campus.

“I have received multiple comments from industry, commending our students’ professionalism and technical competence. I'm really proud to have some of our graduates already working in industry, and hope to have a bunch more shortly. Great work, and keep working on your craft, this is just the beginning."

The five Screen and Media graduates are:

Jake Dobbie - Hammerfall Productions - Editor
Callum Lyons - Rotor Studios - 3D Artist
Shane Miranda - Animal Logic - Rotoscoping
Liam O'Kane - Cutting Edge - Production Assistant
Mitchell Woodin - Animal Logic - Rotoscoping

And the three Game Art and Animation graduates are:

Timothy Cole - Plastic Wax - Artist (You can see Tim's work above)
Joel Gordon - Halfbrick Brisbane - Artist
Vee Ng - Plastic Wax - Internship

Congrats, everyone!