38 AIE games shown at PAX Aus

The showfloor of PAX Aus 2015 was packed full of games made by AIE students, staff and alumni.


A total of 38 games exhibited at the show over the weekend of October 30 to November 1 in Melbourne were developed by AIE teams.


The AIE Incubator Program, which supports graduates to create their own development studios, supplied 26 of the 38 games. AIE’s Canberra campus lead the way with eleven of the 38 games, while Melbourne supplied ten and Sydney five.


Three games were developed by second-year students from the Sydney campus, and all three were showcased on the Sony PlayStation booth as part of the recently-announced PlayStation First, Nnooo and AIE partnership.


One game was created by a first-year team from the Canberra campus, two were from teams featuring current AIE staff, and a further six were exhibited by studios featuring AIE alumni.


The full list of AIE games at PAX were:

Canberra Incubator Games

Bearzerkers (Wildgrass Games)
Binary Wars (Carbon Pyramid)
Corsair Kings (Vortexel)
Death Stair (R&D Labs)
Dragon’s Wake (Brainbox)
Evergreen (Siege Sloth)
For King & Coinage (Hazard Fax)
Kieru (Pine Fire)
Orbitor (Evil Aliens)
Stella Shift (Bit Bunnies)
Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth (Cardboard Keep)


Sydney Incubator Games

Dangerzone (Brainwave Studio)
Death of Magic (Tyandae)
Neon Rain (Neuron Spark)
Rumble Academy (Big Paw)
Say What (Gold Plate Games)


Melbourne Incubator Games

Bzerk (Ruffhaus)
Code Crusaders (Hungry Yeti)
Footy Kicker (Hungry Yeti)
Grim Balance (Little Reaper)
Growth (Daniel Docherty)
Heist (Atomizer Games)
Kingdom Raiders (Broken Spear)
Sheepdoog (Astro Bear)
Skedaddle (Early Worm)
Tile Descent (Astro Bear)
Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Rabbits (Pixel Giant)


Second Year Students

Desperate Mile (Nineslice)
Necroman (Pack Mentality Games)
Retro-Vision (Kyle McKellar)


First Year Students

Death Stair (R&D Labs)



Armed With Wings: Rearmed (Sun Studios)
Defect (3 Phase)
Marble Mountain (Lightning Rock)
Space Dust Racers (Space Dust Studios)
Station Stop (Quest’s End Games)
Tahira (Whale Hammer)



Incredible Journey of You and I (Shy Kids Club)
Objects in Space (Flat Earth Games)

AIE Game at PAX
AIE Game at PAX