AIE’s Christmas Light Spectacular


If you're in Canberra this December, join the Christmas spirit in Huddy St, Forde!

A spectacular Christmas lightshow is being sponsored by AIE, the games and VFX educators, which is set to light up this Saturday in Huddy Street, Forde, ACT.

Tracking down the best Christmas light display has long been a tradition for many Canberrans and this year Huddy Street in Forde has taken it to the next level. Featuring towering 6 metre Christmas trees, a big outdoor movie screen, and millions of computer-synchronised lights, you’re destined to feel part of a visually spectacular Christmas.

The real magic happens with the technology and equipment used with the millions of tiny glowing bulbs. To further push the limits this year, residents of Huddy Street are using RGB LED lights. RGB pixels allow you to use a single bulb to create any colour you can imagine or more precisely, over 16 million hues of lights. It doesn’t come without its challenges though – AIE have teamed up with residents to construct the spectacular lightshow and program (yes code!) the sophisticated technology to synchronise with music and rhythms.

Founder and joint AIE CEO John De Margheriti says "AIE has always loved Christmas, it’s a time for celebration and joy. As a proud resident of Huddy Street, I’m thrilled to be a part of a community that’s also focused on uniting people during this festive season."

If you’re a light-hunting enthusiast or simply want to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit this year, swing by Huddy Street from Saturday 12th December and join the Forde community in an unforgettable Christmas experience.