AIE students showcase their games at PAX Australia

Published on: October 9, 2023

Hey there gaming enthusiasts! Let's talk about the rockstars from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) who totally owned PAX Australia. This epic gaming event is where AIE students got to flaunt their gaming genius. These young guns brought some serious pixel power to PAX.

The AIE students were flaunting an impressive array games that hooked you for hours – they had it all, and then some. Check them out below.

But here's the juicy part – PAX Australia wasn't just about flashing cool tech; it was a turbocharged networking hub. These students were soaking up feedback, connecting with fellow gamers and industry big shots and leveling up their game development skills in real-time.

Bottom line: AIE students at PAX Australia were like power-ups in the gaming universe. Keep an eye on these tech titans because they're leveling up the future of gaming, and it's going to be epic!

Here are the games

T.I.M.E PAX Game | AIE


Developed by 11th Hour Interactive

T.I.M.E is a first-person shooter inspired by “boomer shooters” of old, focusing on fast paced movement and map-based pick-ups. The gameplay is in a best-of-5 format with the player that loses the round being able to determine where the next round starts from.

System Override Game | AIE

System Override

Developed by V6 Games

System override is a first-person single player heist game where you play as a hacker, clearing a route through the variety of traps that block the way of your NPC companion on the field. It requires a mix of careful planning and quick thinking as you look through security camera’s disabling the hazards like laser tripwires, and robotic guards that lay ahead.

Omega Conquest PAX Game | AIE

Omega Conquest

Developed by Greenstone Games

Omega Conquest is a 3-6 player turn-based Sci-fi digital board game. Set on a contested planet on the edge of the galaxy. Create enemies, forge alliances, or betray your friends using dice-based actions and unique card combinations. Be the last player standing to claim the Omega Crystals for yourself.

Rebound PAX Gaame | AIE


Developed by Rook Games

Rebound is a high octane 1v1 Dodgeball Tennis Hybrid match where players face off against each other in an arena to knock out the other opponent. Deflect a homing ball using a variety of different shot types, utilize powerups, face your foes and claim glory as the Rebound Champion.

Dungeons & Dining Tables PAX Game | AIE

Dungeons & Dining Tables

Developed by Catalyst Games

a Cozy-ARPG adventure where you explore dungeons to collect rare furniture for your home. Upgrade your comfy-ness and build a thriving town while uncovering a heartwarming tale of community, kinship and carving out your place in a mysterious new world.

Artsy Thief PAX Game | AIE

Artsy Thief

Developed by Platypulse Games

Artsy Thief is a stealth game where you have to steal an array of valuable paintings from a variety of art galleries! Make your way through guards and guests, create distractions, and make fake artwork to remain undetected.

CastleCab PAX Game | AIE


Developed by Crown's Coach

Castle Cab is a sandbox adventure game where you, a beautiful steed, must use your cart to deliver passengers to their destination. Cause chaos while drifting through the village, boost through the fields, and launch over castle walls all while avoiding the town's pig-mounted guards to deliver your passengers as fast as possible.

Crystal Horizons PAX Game | AIE

Crystal Horizons

Developed by Team Whirlwind

Crystal Horizons is a Tactics RPG heavily inspired by classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, with some modern flair! Take on the role of a young sky pirate and travel the floating islands of Sazdemir, utilizing a wide variety of unique and powerful classes in engaging tactical battles while following the story of Sazdemir and its warring nations.