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Graduate Diploma
Feb 2024


Graduate Diploma
1 year


Graduate Diploma: VETSL approved
Domestic / International

Start your own studio or innovative digital business

The Games Business course is an postgraduate entrepreneurship program comprised of the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) which helps to further develop your independent business. This program is highly relevant to all disciplines and can help with developing business-related skills as well as leadership and other enterprise skills which are highly valued in the competitive game development job market.

Learners completing the Games Business program have gone onto publish their games as a fully independent studio, been awarded business grants and other support through the AIE Incubator Program, or have established their own freelance business serving the broader game development or related industry.

Why bring your games business to life with AIE?

Enterprise Skills

Developing learners with strong enterprise skills to
innovate and help their team and business succeed.

Courses are made by industry practitioners and developed to teach you industry relevant skills and prepare you for immediate employment.


Learn from experienced industry professionals with
real business experience, insights and connections.

AIE teachers are award winning trainers with industry experience and a passion for educating the next generation of learners.


Access commercial studios, publishers, investors and
mentors to build the essential relationships and networks.

studio environment

You will use the latest, industry standard, hardware and software to create your own unique entertainment experience.

Showcase your business

Showcase your games and
content at major cultural events

AIE Incubator

Education is only the first part - we want to help our graduates achieve their dreams - initiatives like the AIE Incubator Program make it possible.

Award-winning education

This nationally-accredited program is delivered by
an award-winning specialist games educator

We support industry

We invest in our students, grow the industry and support graduate career opportunities.


We support learners in this program with team-based
internships and business opportunities

Get a Job!

Graduates can be found working in some of the worlds leading games studios, independent games studios and also creating their own digital content through the AIE incubator.

Other graduates are working in serious games/simulations for Defence and simulations for major mining companies.

What does success look like?

In Games Business, you are encouraged to develop your own definitions of personal and professional success and then put in place systems to achieve that success. Learners in this program have:

  • Created a Professional Studio to develop and publish their original Intellectual Property.
  • Explored options for games-adjacent businesses to take advantage of broader opportunities in industry including marketing, recruitment, eSports and training.
  • Developed their enterprise skills such as leadership to enhance their prospects in a competitive job market (including overseas).
  • Developed a freelancing business in Art or another gamedev discipline to pursue as an independent contractor.

Games Business - Graduate Diploma

Start your own development studio to work on the games, VR and/or simulation content that you’re passionate about. Subjects include:

  • Lead Strategic Transformation
  • Applied Research and Product Design
  • Business Planning
  • Implement Complex Solutions
  • Creating Learning Organisations for Competitive Advantage
  • Manage Personal and Professional Development

Programs are run in a professional creative environment to which you have 24/7 access. Get your own office with dedicated desk and computer to craft your masterpieces. You have access to AIE campus resources and equipment which includes dev kits, VR headsets, render farms and meeting spaces.

This course is intended to give students the skills to manage and run their own creative media businesses. Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles and roles relevant to this qualification include:

  • Game / VFX Developer
  • Lead Artist / Programmer / Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Producer
  • Small business entrepreneur

Students complete practical game design tasks and projects based on industry standards and briefs. Accompanying projects students record their process through development journals and other documentation.

The Game Business program is delivered and assessed against the postgraduate qualification BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) specialising in Games Business (CRICOS: 106063D).

This qualification is Level 8 on the Australian Qualification Framework and sits between a Bachelor Degree (Level 7) and a Masters Degree (Level 9).

Entry for this Graduate Diploma course is based on completion of one of the relevant qualifications listed below or an equivalent relevant qualification, or combination of academic and/or professional qualifications demonstrating potential to undertake study at this level:

  • Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development.
  • Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media.
  • Bachelor of Game Development major in Game Art or Game Design or Game Programming.


The Game Business course is a postgraduate course for students that have completed the Advanced Diploma and/or the Bachelor Degree and have learnt all about making games and animation. This program assists these students to turn their new creative skills into innovative businesses.

This course is not about becoming a better game developer or animator although you will be making more creative content, so that will happen too! It is about working purposefully on a project with very clear goals to create income.

As world-renown educator Frank Farfalla says, "The Advanced Diploma will teach you how to make great games and through the Graduate Diploma you will learn how to make them work for you".

Not at all! When you are studying the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning), you spend three full days a week studying courses like Strategic Transformation and Business Planning, and two days on a project of your own choice. This may be building a game studio and developing a game for commercial release, or developing your freelancing business and portfolio/skills for attracting clients, or developing a games-adjacent business such as in marketing, recruitment, or eSports. The only requirement is that your business is planned as a commercial enterprise (ie designed to make money) and that it is in the games industry, broadly speaking. The only limit is your business creativity!

Yes. Your study component over the year requires three full days study each week (except for holidays), and for the other two days you are expected to work on your project or business development. At the same time, we realise that other commitments arise and the program strives to be a professional work environment with flexibility where possible, as long as necessary outcomes are delivered. Please speak to your Trainer about your particular circumstances.

Yes, eligible students in this course can apply for a VET Student Loan to defer the cost of their tuition fees. It is important to note that VET Student Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements. A VET Student Loan gives rise to a VETSL debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid. A VET Student Loan is repaid through the Australian tax system once a person reaches the minimum income threshold level of repayment.

To be eligible for a VET Student Loan, a student must meet eligibility criteria which includes citizenship, academic and other requirements. For more information about the VET Student Loans eligibility criteria visit

The short answer is yes. This is actually a topic for debate in industry: while some feel that only particular people need to have business skills in a studio, these are usually larger studios who can afford to pay business professionals. Smaller and more independent studios often require all their members to have some business skills, so that everyone can contribute to marketing, for example, or so that everyone understands the need for effective marketing, or their overall contribution to the bottom line of the business.

No. We have both individuals and teams applying. A number of applicants come into the program with the project they developed with their team from the Advanced Diploma. Sometime they continue with this project and other times they start fresh with new project ideas and different team members. We also have individuals that form a team with other individuals in the program. Teams are formed organically, through a series of pitches and negotiations, so no-one is forced into a team they don’t want to be a part of. It is possible to join the program and not be part of a team by working as a solo developer. It's important to note that we recommend all students participate in the program as part of a team. Working in teams enables more ambitious projects to be undertaken and completed quicker. It means team members can working in their areas of specialty and develop their management and soft skills.

So if you’re interested in Games Business but you're not sure whether the rest of your teammates are, you should certainly apply! Once we know there is interest we can check in with the rest of your team to see what they are thinking.

How has the games business program helped you?


The Graduate Diploma has been essential for the early development of our studio. Being able to understand what it takes to create a sustainable studio and practical application of creating financial goals, company values and culture as well as leadership skills have significantly the growth of our studio. I would highly recommend if you are planning on working in the game development industry either starting your own studio or becoming part of a larger studio. The skills learnt throughout this course put you in a prime position to take advantage of all the opportunities this industry has to offer.

Aiden Gyory

Founder, Catalyst Games