AIE celebrates it’s 20th year



AIE celebrates it’s 20th year in style!


When we reflect back on what video games and computer graphics consisted of 20 years ago, you realise what a significant achievement it is that AIE has been in operation for this length of time.


Looking through the archives from when AIE was first established it is amazing to see how the quality of the graphics have evolved over the years. At the time of AIE’s establishment, 3D art certainly wasn’t well established and there were very few organisations using this type of technology. A lot has happened in 20 years at AIE; there are campuses located all around Australia plus two in the US plus an online campus serving the rest of the world. Students have released countless titles on various platforms while others have worked for major companies on impressive game and film projects.

What makes all of this even more amazing is the fact the AIE was established as, and remains, a not-for-profit organisation.


AIE’s Chairman and Co - CEO, John De Margheriti had the passion and commitment to create and educational institution that would benefit the industry that he loved so dearly. The ethos behind the creation of AIE has always been to support the games and film industry through the development of skilled graduates. Never resting on our laurels, AIE has been instrumental in the continued development of Australia’s independent development community through its Incubator Program and the grants that are awarded to those who are developing their own commercial content.


Reflections on AIE’s 20 years


AIE held a 20th anniversary event on the 1st December with members of the games and film community along with long serving staff. The event was a chance to reflect upon how AIE has evolved over the years as well as acknowledge the opportunities and successes afforded to those who have studied with AIE over the years.