Advice for recipients of spam email

On 27 October 2022, a third-party service provider for AIE was accessed by an unauthorised user. The unauthorised user sent a spam email to 320,000 email addresses with the subject heading "Payment Receipt".

Anyone who has received an email with the subject line “Payment Receipt” should not open the email but should delete the email.

As soon as the third-party provider made AIE aware that it had been accessed by an unauthorised user, AIE quickly blocked any further access and made sure its information was secure.

No information of any of AIE’s students or customers was accessed or released during this incident.

As stated above, please delete any email from with the subject line “Payment Receipt”. Do not open it. The spam email was not sent by AIE and the affected accounts have since been secured.

AIE takes data protection and cyber security very seriously and follows all regulations in this critical area.

With the recent rise in cyberattacks and high-profile hackings in Australia and overseas, AIE encourages all to be vigilant and wary of suspicious email activity. Do not open any suspicious email and report it to us.