Adelaide Game Developers at Avcon

Avcon Logo | AIE2019 is the second year that AIE Alumni make their mark at the Indie Games Room at AVcon Adelaide. With 2019 wrapping up to be a big year for Adelaide we should see the likes of Last-Minute Entertainment, Tachyon Five, AltArcade and Ontilt Interactive all releasing their games in the 4th quarter. Last minute entertainment has already made their debut with Tiki Trials and will continue to develop content for the game across the next year. All the games these teams make will be available to playtest at Avcon!

Each team has gained its success through meticulous planning and preparation through the AIE Graduate diploma of Management and Learning. The GDML is a one-year course which is a great kick-start for graduates who want to learn how to create their own start-up digital media business. After this Graduates moved into the Incubator program which supports graduates who have completed the Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning) to start-up commercial enterprises with ongoing assistance and funding to create new companies, digital content and job opportunities.

Avcon Event | AIEThe Incubator Program is provided at no cost and AIE take no equity in companies created in the program and no royalties from or retain ownership of IP in the products that are developed. This means that everything teams make and earn are retained by them to give them the best opportunity to grow!
Given the spirit of the education they have undertaken, and the Adelaide Games Scene, the Indie Games Room is the closest thing to supporting Adelaide start ups that teams can access on a consistent and regular basis year on year.

The Indie Games Room is an Australian and New Zealand showcase of independent games, providing a platform to put independently made games in front of thousands of passionate gamers. The IGR has run alongside AVCon since 2008. Notable games that have been shown in the IGR include Hollow Knight, Antichamber, Assault Android Cactus and Hacknet.

Avcon is currently scheduled for the 5th-7th of July.