Graduate Showcase

Graduate Showcase - Thu 28 November 2019

Sydney Campus


Discover over 28 major game and VFX projects completed by our graduating game artists, game programmers, game designers, 3D animators and visual effects artists.

AIE Student Game | Overthrone


OverThrone is a fantasy inspired, 3rd person action boss-fight game. It features difficult yet rewarding combat experience.

AIE Student Game | Paper Planes


This beautifully rendered 3D animated TV advertisement showcases a new mobile travel app.

AIE Student Game | Gunpunk


In this strategic turn based shooter, you can disintegrate your enemies with unique lasers that ricochet off the environment.

AIE Student Game | VFX Film

and lots more!

VR projects, short animated movies, VFX, mobile games and individual portfolios and showreels.