Games and VFX Careers Live!

Games and VFX Careers Live!

4pm - Thursday 16th April

Discover the range of careers in Games, Animation and Visual FX for film

Games and VFX Careers Live! is a great opportunity for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to discover the range of careers in the games, animation and visual FX industries. Hear from Game Designers, Game Programmers, Game Artists and Visual Effects Artists as they demonstrate industry software and the endless possibilities that they bring.

Industry professionals will be speaking about:

  • The artist’s journey in creating 3D characters, game worlds and bringing characters to life via animation;
  • The process that game designers undertake to create excitement and non-stop gameplay;
  • How much programming there really is in developing a game; and
  • The craft behind the visual effects in your favorite blockbusters.

Learn about the amazing programs used by both our students and industry professionals alike to develop games such as Bioshock Infinite, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege and Fortnite Battle Royale as well as films such as Avengers: Endgame, Aquaman and Peter Rabbit. We'll also discuss how games and visual effects are being used in other industries such as military and medical simulations.


  • Welcome

    In this overview presentation, we will cover the range of careers in the games industries and where are these careers are located in Australia and around the world.

  • Game Art And Animation | White Icon For Circle

    Game art and animation careers

    Learn the role game artists play in the development process and the software they use to bring characters and worlds to life.

  • Game Programming | White Icon For Circle

    Game Programming Careers

    Game programmers are instrumental when it comes to creating the framework, functionality and interaction in a game.

  • Q & A

    Got question about what it's like to work in games and vfx? What roles are in demand and what new jobs are likely to exist in the future? Ask our experts your toughest questions!

  • Game Design careers

    Game Designers are instrumental in the development of the concepts, vision and implementation of game play dynamics in video game production. They are the visionaries and evangelists and are vital in the development process.

  • 3D Animation And VFX For Film Courses | Academy Of Interactive Entertainment

    Visual FX CAREERS

    Visual Effects Artist are the creative geniuses who continue to push the boundaries by creating mind-blowing visual content. During this session you will get a behind the scenes to see how a film is put together when adding Visual effects

  • What Next?

    Advice, resources and pathways for those interested in making game development their career.

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