Film Production Workshop

Film Production Workshop

Plan and produce a scene for film using virtual production

Learn what it takes to plan and produce a film shoot in this intensive film production workshop. You will get hands-on with cameras, lighting, and the latest in virtual production LED screens. Industry-experienced filmmakers will guide you in taking your script through the various production stages.

In this workshop, we will fast-track the film production process by choosing one scene and taking it through the pipeline from idea to finished shots. As part of this process, participants will be leveraging virtual production sets! This is an exclusive opportunity to learn more about this revolutionary technology which is empowering filmmakers.

This workshop is suited to participants 16 years+ that are interested in learning more about film, working in film crews and developing their own short films.

Upcoming workshops

Sat 29th June, 10am -3pm - Sydney Campus

Sat 20th July, 10am -3pm - Melbourne Campus, Adelaide Campus, Canberra Campus

OverView of Workshop

  • Scriptwriting and shots

    We will choose one scene and flesh out a script. Guided by filmmakers, develop your scriptwriting and develop a series of “story snacks”. Taking our finished script, we work through the logistics and break it down and create a shot list.

  • Rehearsal and Camera Angles

    Participants will rehearse the scene and block it (participants are also actors). We will block the camera setups and go through camera positions, coverage and not crossing the line.

  • Cinematography

    We discuss the best way to shoot the scene. Handheld? Minijib? Easy Rig? Wally Dolly? Gimbal? How will we light the scene? How can we influence the mood with lighting and camera angles. What mood are we going for?

  • Virtual Production

    Volume and Virtual Production. Explore virtual environments on the LED wall and how to effectively incorporate this technology into the scene. What effects and lighting do we need in the virtual environment and how do we match this in the studio?

  • Post-production and editing

    After we finish shooting, footage will be taken into Premiere Pro to edit and colour grade. We will go through the process of editing captured footage and sound to achieve the final result.

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